Review: Zombies, Run!

Since finding Zombies, Run! last week, I’ve seen a couple a reviews from people I’d take seriously saying it was a pretty good app. The concept is really intriguing and it would be a fun thing to use on jogs if it delivers half what it promises. I bought it last night and used it today. How was it the first time out?

Check out the review on my other blog, where I keep all the fitness stuff and the things where you have to get all sweaty and move and stuff.

How fast are zombies anyway?

While I do go out for an activity that I sometimes call “jogging” even though I’m walking with brief bursts of running, I would like to start actually jogging and then work into running for distance. To really push myself, I feel that I need some sort of outside motivation. I like goals to reach and a guiding hand whenever possible.

This new app for smartphones (iPhone now, with Android coming soon) turns running sessions into a game with a way to level up and unlock missions. All this with an actual story behind the concept; a story that seems to have depth to it. The concept sounds just about perfect. Reviews for Zombies, Run! on the Apple App Store seem to be pretty positive, so I’m eyeing this as my next bit of gear as part of my new-found geeking out on fitness.

If you’re a runner, or have been thinking about it, you may want to check it out for yourself. At the very least, check out the website and prepare to be thrilled by this cool concept. Link at the end of the post.

“May the odds be ever in your favor!”

The Hunger Games opens this weekend and I’m pretty excited about it. It seems like it’s been a long dry season at the theater. Going to the movies used to be a fun outing that I could indulge in without worries about the weather or the day of the week or anything of the other little problems that ruin other activities. So, just as a thing to do, going to the movies is great. That’s even ignoring the whole art and craft of storytelling that I’ve been into for a lifetime or so. But I haven’t been looking forward to seeing a movie in a long while. And I haven’t talked myself into going even though there’s nothing I particularly want to watch.

But The Hunger Games is a drink of sweet, pure water in this drought. I could tell it was prime for the big screen before I was done with the first book in the trilogy. The action in the arena is almost tailor-made for the cinema. But my excitement isn’t without some doubts. Those of you who have read the book know that much of the action of the story (that which would be observable by third-party or, you know, a camera) is Katniss doing things that fit a crafted image. That is, she’s doing things that often are completely at odds with what she’s thinking or feeling. In a novel where the story is presented with the reader firmly planted in the protagonist’s mind, this doesn’t present any problem at all.

How does the screenwriter and director present this on the screen, though? I cannot abide a voice-over that gives us the character’s inner monologue. Without access to her rich inner activity, Katniss is just going to seem like a cold bitch. A keen mind and a ruthless killer is fun to watch and all, but hardly someone we’re likely to want to root for when the other characters are so obviously warm and lovable.

Knowing that the creative team chose to cut out the Avox (I hesitate to even call it a subplot) bit, I’m willing to have a little faith that a careful hand was applied to the story to be true to the spirit of the characters and the plot. I’m ready for the Games, even if no silver parachutes drop out of the sky for me.


First post detailing the first routine of the first level of the fitness program I’m following is up. That’s too many firsts to not be worth looking at. Follow the link here or by clicking Fitness Program Updates in the menu above to see all the updates about my awkward, sweaty activities. No, not those; just workout stuff.

The Workout Adventure Begins

I’ve recently purchased Steve Kamb’s Rebel Fitness Guide from Nerd Fitness. Check out the link if you’re so inclined and you’ll find a bunch of simple, straightforward advice about tending to the bodies that carry our beautiful brains around.

I’ve acquired some fairly cheap dumbbells that use plates so I can increase the weight as I go along. I’ve made some changes in my eating habits. For example, I went from having at least four sodas a day to not having had a soda in about five weeks. I’m determined to succeed and I’m ready to go. Day One is today. I begin with Level 1 of the guide. While this much neglected blog isn’t turning into a fitness blog by any stretch of the imagination, I am home all day, every day with not much else to do. For the sake of the “who cares that you’re finally getting off your ass and moving around, fat guy” reaction, the updates on progress as I work my way through the 4-6 month program will be posted in a separate area found through the menu.

Anime Overload III

Anime Overload banner

I’ll admit that I’m a latecomer to the world of anime. My Japanese is probably not as strong as it could be as a result, to say nothing of the stories and references that part of the geek community can share but will get only a blank look from me. As if I were part of the mainstream and they sat down to talk Star Trek during the Superbowl. Well, I won’t have it! This. Must. Not. Be.

To remedy this, I’ve been starting with some of the anime fare found streaming on Netflix. While devotees may say that’s like trying to Continue reading

Nerd Love and Other Passions

I’ve been thinking about passion tonight. When I was younger, I would fall in love with distressing frequency. Don’t think this was shallow infatuation; this feeling was to my core. I loved deeply, but not sustainably. This was a passion for a person that came from some ineffable visceral reaction. It was often unrequited and this was a good thing, in hindsight. These girls and I would have had nothing of any substance to offer each other or the relationship. I don’t mean to say that passion is not a good thing or not important.

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Hey, you got science in my fiction!

I guess I only mentioned in my twitter stream that I was working on an entry for the Science In My Fiction contest. I had a handful on lines and then dropped the idea for a new science achievement. (This year the stories have to be based on a discovery or advancement from the past year and come with a link to the article.)

The original discovery had some room to play in, but I wasn’t sure what the point of that story would have been. I think the new experiment is wide open enough to let me say something with some weight. Now if I could just find the juice to write something.

Maybe you have a story brewing after you read a science story recently. If so, check out Science In My Fiction for more info on the contest and happy writing.

Movie Review: Thor

Thor lobby standee

© 2011 Marvel Characters, Inc.

I’m a Joss Whedon fan, I don’t think that’s any secret. So, I’m excited to see what he does with the Avengers movie; I’m sure it’ll be great. But aside from my fandom, it better be frakking amazing. I say this because it seems that some, if not all, of these Marvel superhero movies are two-hour long commercials for the movie that will bring all these characters together.

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